Welcome to The Factory!

The Bloodshed Factory provides Bloodshed Bears with the power to fuse and re:roll collections to increase value and power. In the future you'll be able to forge Bloodshards and more.

The Fuse gives you the power to fuse two TreeHouses together to upgrade the size trait. 

The Re:roll gives you the power to re:roll Gen1 Bloodshed Bears & potentially win a Gen1 Elite.

The Forge will give you the power to fuse super-rare Bloodshard NFTs for use throughout the ecosystem.

The Factory is also where you will fuse multiple NFTs together to supercharge existing or create new collections.


Fuse two TreeHouses into one to increase the size trait. Each fuse increases the size trait by 1 and burns a TreeHouses. 


Re:roll Gen1's for a chance to receive a Gen1 Elite. Gen1's are burned in the process reducing supply.